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lawn signs, lawn sign


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Yard signs:
All signs are printed on standard 4 mil Coroplast
Makers of election signs and roadside signs for real estate, builders, contractors
Upload Your Ready to Print Artwork Designs, your online resource for yard signs
Company produces a wide variety customized signs we specializing in cheap political signs
Choose from a wide range of products in the Outdoor yard Décor category
Use eye-catching business yard signs
We can accommodate all of your specific yard sign needs.
Designing yard signs and personalized lawn signs has never been easier.
Lawn signs (also known as yard signs) are used in election campaigns in some countries.
They are small signs placed on the lawns of a candidate's supporters.
Lawn signs are often also placed near polling places on election day, although in most jurisdictions,
there are legal restrictions on campaigning within a certain distance from a voting facility.
Signs come in all shapes and sizes, but are most often rectangular and between 12 and 40 inches on each side.
Most yard signs in the past have been constructed from cardboard or coated paperboard of varying thickness,
set onto a wood frame with either heavy-duty staples or nails with plastic washers. Since the late 1990s,
corrugated plastic signs have become more common for small to medium-sized campaigns.
These sign faces are constructed just like corrugated cardboard, with two outer sides sandwiching a series
of flutes that give the sign structure and strength. These custom signs can be either attached to a wooden
structure, or set with a metal frame made of wire.

custom signs, lawn signs, yard signscustom signs, yard signs, lawn signs

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